Being an entity that is closely linked with society, Agrani Holdings Group aims not only at expanding and developing its business activity but also at expressing its corporate social responsibility in practice, thus making a significant contribution to the resolution of social and environmental problems.


It adds value to the broader natural, structured and human environment in which it pursues its business activities;
It acts in the interests of society, through continuous investment and by utilizing local resources;
It applies practices that contribute to the development of a powerful spirit of corporate social responsibility.

The main areas on which we focus our social responsibility activities are The Environment, Local Communities and Children, our Employees, and Culture and Sports. We believe to build a strong community, it consists of a combination of factors, such as, great schools, effective social services, clean air and water, vibrant parks and recreation areas, active citizen involvement, and a spirit of local pride.

Agrani Holdings Group also has a subsidiary company Comerica Charitable Trust which works as an NGO being responsible for all the Corporate Social Responsibilities of the Group Company.

Comerica Charitable Trust

Comerica Charitable Trust plants on raising funds and awareness to support and protect child rights worldwide, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Comerica raises funds over donations from individuals, organizations and companies to foyer and canvass towards the protection of child rights in the Bangladesh and other countries; it conducts various programs in schools, hospitals and local communities in different countries to spread the awareness.

Comerica aides the Government bodies to build Schools, Train Teachers and provides textbooks aiming to make education available to all children of the community. Protecting the Children from Child abuse, promoting Sports, provisioning clean water, food along with hospitable health systems has been our focal point since its inception with am aim to eliminate Poverty and Discrimination among Children.

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