Agrani Holdings over the past 43 years, has built strong relationships with client companies, local and international agencies and institutions. Today, the company has gained a consolidated international recognition.

Agrani group committed to business activities in a wide range of industries on a global scale. Its core competence is its Integrated Corporate Strength. Agrani focuses on achieving market leadership in our long-term growth sectors. Our track record reflects a history of doing exactly this - building market-leading positions based on clear differentiation both organically and through strategic business processes.

Agrani Group possesses a strong business foundation, which is comprised of integrity, global network, global relations, and intellectual capital, as well as diverse, high-level functions made up of business development, market intelligence & information gathering and analysis, logistics solutions, Information and communications technology solutions and financial capabilities.

Agrani’s Key Competencies

  1. Long Years of Experience
  2. Respecting the “Win – Win” Principle
  3. Being Always in Search of Excellence
  4. Believing in Universal Values
  5. Believing in Global Understanding
  6. Believing in Service to Humanity
  7. Working With a Young, Dynamic and Talented Team
  8. Being Goal & Solution Oriented
  9. Having an Efficient & Effective Expertise on International Business
  10. Believing in Customer Satisfaction

Agrani’ Core Strengths

  1. Agrani’s success lies on a largely diversified business experience featuring constant growth and profitability for our client companies since their start-up.
  2. We offer a unique out-sourcing support: from the analysis of an innovative idea to its launch and business consolidation on the market.
  3. The business reliability towards our customers, suppliers and employees is constantly enhanced.
  4. The informal and creative human environment in which we operate constitutes a seed-bed for new innovative ideas and related strategy thinking.
  5. 5. The staff at your service is highly qualified, experienced, multilingual and multicultural able to meet your specific needs around the world.
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