How we conduct business is as important as the business results we achieve.

We incorporate our Mission & Values into every aspect of our business from developing our strategies, to making business decisions, to how we evaluate and reward our employees.


Agrani’s vision is to be an industry leader in every business venture and to build customer and stakeholder value.

Our organization aspires to change the way you think about the service & manufacturing industry. Superior customer service, innovation through collaboration, and always striving for excellence and quality will give you the best experience.


The mission of Agrani Group is to provide excellence and quality through innovation, integrity, and a forward-thinking approach. We live by this everyday, engaging with diversity, utilizing technology, and innovation through collaboration in order to excel industry standards. Agrani Group transcends multiple industries. This allows our organization to utilize best practices from multiple industries to be creative in the way we approach meeting our goals, mission, and values.


Agrani Group’s values drive our actions and leadership. They reflect what is significant to our company and inspires our employees to perform meaningful work. Each day, we live by our company values through

Passion to Succeed

We bring optimism, initiative, innovation and dedication to our work, displaying confidence in our ability to succeed. We continually raise our expectations for what is possible and encourage a constructive dissatisfaction with our results. We believe in applying our learning to the future, using both our successes and our failures as stepping-stones to continued success.

Always Advancing

Our forward-thinking approach and focus on innovation ensures that Agrani Group continually enhances its services. Our Company focuses on utilizing technology, best practices, and new business development opportunities to provide excellent customer service. Two-way communication with customers and listening to their feedback further helps Agrani Group improve its services.

Respect for the Environment

greener tomorrow. We respect the environment by acknowledging the short- and long-term impacts of our activities on the environment. Agrani Group ensures sustainability and effectiveness by reducing its carbon footprint and engaging in green activities.

Employee Collaboration

Our employees make a direct impact on the Agrani Group through open communication. This collaborative work culture allows employees to voice their opinions in a supportive environment. In addition, collaboration allows our employees to be innovative in their thinking which, in turn, allows the Company to develop new business ideas.

Excellence and Quality

We are committed to excellence and quality in everything we do. At Agrani Group, our employees work tirelessly to deliver superior results that surpass our customer’s expectations. We value our customer’s needs and are committed to establishing customer loyalty and satisfaction.


We are committed to providing value to our corporate clients and individual customers and to those colleagues who rely on us for leadership or support. We are knowledgeable and passionate about what makes each of our partner brands unique and powerful, and we are committed to finding innovative ways to fuel their growth. We create value for all segments of the retail, construction & commodity trading markets by faithfully focusing on service excellence and quality.

Integrity, Trust & Respect

We believe in operating with integrity, trust and respect, both as individuals and as a family of companies. We conduct ourselves within the spirit and the letter of the laws, regulations, agreements and policies that govern us, we are honest with one another and with our stakeholders, fully disclosing all appropriate information and not just that which supports our point of view and we have the courage to do what's right.

We display integrity at all times in the business decisions we make and the manner in which we conduct our professional relationships. We support that sense of doing what’s right through a culture of open communications and a spirit of teamwork. We also value the role that diversity among our employees, suppliers and partners plays in our success.

Celebrate Diversity

Given Bangladesh’s multicultural community, we pride ourselves on servicing a diverse range of customers. Our hiring policies also reflect our strong belief in diversity. We hire employees who speak multiple languages and come from different backgrounds to build long-term customer relations.


We take our responsibilities seriously as a corporate citizen, always aware of how our actions can benefit the community and sensitive to the needs of the environment. We make decisions at all times understanding our responsibility for enhancing profitability and serving the interests of our shareholders. As a service & manufacturing company whose success is rooted in the satisfaction and performance of our people, we take responsibility for furthering the professional development of our employees at every level of the organization.

Sharing with Others

We believe in sharing with others, unleashing the tremendous resources of our people as a force for good into the communities in which we live and work. We foster environments where our people can contribute their time, energy and commitment to their families, their neighbors, their colleagues and their communities. We share ideas, opinions and expertise openly and unselfishly, both within our family of companies as well as with those with whom we interact in our business dealings, in the true spirit of collaboration. We promote personal and professional pride and growth.

As a family of companies, we acknowledge and embrace our roles as responsible, involved citizens and community leaders.

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