As Retailers

Agrani is pioneering a new retail experience with a group of retail specialists.

Today’s retail distribution companies have to confront savvy, smartphone-toting consumers and an inexact economic future. These process-oriented shifts in the supply chain demand an ever-increasing superlative operational efficiency by the wholesale distributors. Agrani group companies Retail & Distribution practice offers insights and services tailored for your organization.

Agrani understands that a manufacturer to sell and a wholesale distributor to distribute cannot succeed without a retailers spread over a geographical network across cities & countries. As a retailer, Agrani intends to save time, money and connect the manufacturers and distributors with the consumers envisaging business growth.

At Agrani, as a premium Retailer, we believe to - Think global, act local - 875 retail outlets, currently distributing on a retail universe of over 90,000-customer base.

As Manufacturers

To help expand its network of active retailers, a Agrani offer products from the manufacturers that end users want. Manufacturers often have guidelines they use to determine if a distributor can carry the manufacturers' products. Spend time analyzing the application process for each manufacturer to understand what changes you will need to make to your business to be able to attract the manufacturers that will help you grow revenue.

With Geographic Focus

Distribution businesses are often focused on reducing shipping costs. That is why larger distributor like Agrani has several different warehouses and distribution offices throughout the country. The closer the facility is to the customer, the lower the shipping charges. Because shipping is such a large part of the distribution cost model, the successful distributors grow based on distribution coverage.

With People

Agrani constantly works on retaining the best of the people for the group my ensuring proper motivational methods, training, and friendly atmosphere to work.

Agrani also works on developing fresher’s and blends experienced people with the fresher for better productivity and to ensure succession.

With Technology & Automation

Our aim is to provide a simple logistics infrastructure for any organization that ships packets and parcels anywhere in the world, with particular emphasis on Bangladesh. Our advanced Data Management and software capability allows us prepare clean and fully validated address data files to ensure that we achieve fast customs clearance and accurate delivery information.

Agrani has always looked into automation to allocate division of labor, to ensure better mobility and productivity in work. We have replaced manual order taking on Paper Memos to PDA, and introduced tracking system to track our sales force by GPS, using IP Cameras to ensure safety and security and track business remotely.

We have also introduced Video Conferencing within our distribution houses to ensure remote meeting in several locations at the same time.

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