Agrani Holdings Group has a subsidiary company – Masud & Brothers who works as a strategic Partner with Pride City General Trading, a Dubai based multinational company. This company is one of the most credible traders of raw materials and bulk agro commodities. Commencing its operations in 1973, the company has grown leaps and bounds in its credibility as well as its volume of business.

We connect producers and users of grain, oilseeds and other agricultural commodities through origination, processing, marketing and distribution capabilities and services.

This company focus on the Supply Chain Management of agricultural commodities such as Pulses, Oil Seeds & Edible Oils, Frozen Poultry & Meats, Dairy Products, Animal Feed Raw Materials, Spices, Staples, Dried Fruits, all kinds of Jute Products, Packaging Materials and Special Crops. Since its inception, the company has a retail universe of 875 retail outlets, currently distributing on a retail universe of over 90,000-customer base.

We move agricultural commodities from where they are grown to where they are needed, and produce a host of products for commercial customers, consumers and farmers.

Agrani sells products and services at numerous points along the agribusiness and food production chain, from farm to retail shelf. Each activity complements the next, creating a logical progression in which we transform bulk commodities into a host of value-added products, while creating multifaceted, mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Integration enables us to supply global needs efficiently and create value in a variety of market conditions. Our decentralized structure enables us to stay close to local markets, where we can react quickly to customer needs. Integration is very important to our food products business. By sourcing oilseeds and grains from our agribusiness unit, and by utilizing the same logistics systems, we improve efficiency.

We operate a global network of facilities, including grain elevators, oilseed processing plants and port terminals that are located in the world's largest agricultural production regions, in areas of fast-growing food consumption and close to major transportation systems, these industrial facilities are complemented by marketing and trading offices, as well as joint venture operations, on all continents.

Agrani's agribusiness operations:

  1. Purchase grains and oilseeds from farmers
  2. Store, transport and sell raw commodities to end customers in domestic and export markets
  3. Process oilseeds into protein meals and crude vegetable oil for sale to livestock producers, feed millers, food processors, the biofuels industry and other customers
  4. Provide financial services, risk management and logistics services to end customers
  5. Execute risk management strategies for Agrani

The company has tactically spread its roots globally with a network of 26 overseas Offices & Warehouses. Its processing and logistics facilities currently export about 54 diverse food products coming from 52 countries to over 1000 customers in 82 countries.

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