We offer multiple solutions to our customer partners including bulk, rack and food grade warehousing, transportation, and value added services. Our longstanding business success is grounded in three practices: understanding the needs and requirements of our customers, delivering exceptional service and staying true to core company values.

We have been helping our customers move, store and ship freight throughout the Upper Midwest and internationally since we were founded in 1973. Today, our team consists of 1,800+ dedicated employees are experienced in providing our customers excellent logistics solutions, no matter how complex the assignment.

Our company mission is simple: We provide innovative logistics solutions driven by our enthusiasm to create a positive difference for our customers and employees. Our vision is to be an amazing logistics services organization that is admired and trusted by our employees, partners and community.

Our Commercial Warehousing Services include -

Accurate, On-Time Product Delivery and Instant Access to Product Status

You will receive superior handing of your product inventory and competitive pricing for all your warehousing needs in Bangladesh. Using the latest in distribution-and-logistics industry software and RF scanning technology, your shipments can be electronically tracked, located, and distributed, as needed. You will have 24/7 access to the status of your products using your secure customer login using any computer with an internet connection.

High Sanitation Standards

You can count on the highest sanitation standards at all of our warehouses. A full-time sanitation crew keeps every warehouse neat, clean, and orderly, while ensuring the most efficient processes possible. We have been awarded commendations for consistently maintaining high sanitation standards.

Public Warehousing

Warehouse your products in the I-5 corridor near your customers in any of our fifty plus strategically positioned warehouses nationwide. Warehousing your products close to major ports, rail, freeways and your customers makes it easy to distribute your inventory to its destination efficiently and on time. Simplify your inventory logistics by using one warehouse/distribution provider to supply all of your Bangladesh customers.

Contract Warehousing

Contract warehousing is the perfect solution when you have large volumes of products moving through Bangladesh areas. Your warehouse will be setup and managed exclusively for your products. Your products will be stored and processed to your specifications. You have the benefit of our systems and expertise to manage your warehouse space, labor, and all related costs to be within industry standards, and ensure your products are delivered to your customers on-time.

Grocery Distribution

All of our warehouses are food-grade, dry/ambient facilities. Food product manufacturers find us especially easy to work with because of our grocery specialization. We have processes tailored to the unique needs of grocery distribution and logistics. Your products can be tracked, traced, rotated and distributed with ease using our distribution/logistics software and RF technology.

At Agrani, we:

  1. Operate 50 facilities in Bangladesh with about 10 million square feet area
  2. Employ approximately 1,800 people
  3. Move more than 12,00,000 truckloads of products per year
  4. Manage more than 3,00,000 orders per month, controlling more than 29,00,000 SKUs
  5. Move between approximately 60,00,000 tons of goods by rail each year
  6. Reach around the globe through our international logistics services
  7. Work with over 2500 accounts ranging from large bulk accounts to food grade storage
  8. Have clients as large as fortune 500 retailers and as small as start ups

With Agrani you will have your own trained and tested Customer Service Representative to assist you with any need, question, or thought that you may have while your product is stored in one of our secure warehouse spaces.

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